Homemade Play Dough and Hand Crafted Gifts for kids and adults

About Gifts 2 Go Go

We make unique handmade gifts for everyone. Some our most popular gifts are the matching mommy, child, doll aprons, ruffle knit scarfs, receiving blankets, quilts and play dough. 

One of our most popular products is Dough 2 Go Go. Dough 2 Go Go is homemade all natural play dough. This non-toxic, play dough is endless fun.  The cool soft texture motivates children to create and play more. Because I know the amount is important for kids I have 1 lb containers of themed, bright color play dough. It will be enough to please the little ones.

Parents love the non-toxic natural ingredients in the play dough, plus it is a great tool for strengthening fine
motor skills in children. Most preschool teachers recommend and use play dough in their classrooms.

Playing with home made play dough is a great activity for a rainy day, hot day, cold day or play date. Any time is a great time to enjoy homemade playdough.

Each container comes with toys in it. Those little surprises will lead your child to use their imagination and make endless creations. Kids will spend a lot of time pounding, rolling, hiding and finding the surprise toys in it.

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